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What we do


Prish Rehab is committed to excellence in personalized patient care through continual enhancement in clinical technology, knowledge and skills. We assess and provide care of the symptoms of injury, disability and illness by the means of clinical analysis and hands on treatment plans.

You will get to know about your conditions as our practitioner will explain you the condition, illness and deformity and possible ways to improve your condition and how to prevent further injuries from reoccurring.

Problems we deal with

Frozen shoulder
Ligament injuries
Neck pain, back pain
Muscle sprain and strains
Athletic, overuse and repetitive injuries
Musculoskeletal injuries and disabilities
Carpal tunnel, sciatica, any other nerve impingement
Neurologicial conditions like stroke, parkinson, peripheral neuropathy etc.

Treatments we provide

Manual Therapy
Flexibility training
Posture Correction
Weight Management
Therapeutic Modalities
Strength and Conditioning
Improvement in overall health and wellbeing
Improvement in the cardiovascular, neurological and metabolic systems

Advance Services

Laser Therapy
Spinal Manipulation
Shockwave Therapy
Spinal Decompression
Concussion Rehabilitation
Vestibular Rehabilitation (Vertigo)